Where the miles will take you...



WATERPOINTS: WP 1 – 17,5km | WP 2 – 40km | WP 3 – 77km  | WP 4 – 111km | WP 5 – 135km (Self help point @70km)
ROAD SURFACE: A mix of Jeep tracks, Gravel and District road.
ROUTE: The 100 miler group (154km) heads towards Rusoord farm where you will find your first waterpoint for the day before heading towards Twiskraal farm, where you will be welcomed by joyful locals to your second waterpoint before gradually increasing in elevation up to Lucernvale. Keep your eyes peeled along the way as you might spot Eland, Gemsbuck, Waterbuck or Springbuck. Enter Lucernvale through a tunnel of poplar trees to find a self-help station located at the old farmhouse where you will be able to use the restroom and fill up your water bottle with ice-cold water. Put your climbing legs on as you head for your biggest challenge of the day followed by a downhill that will most definitely put a grin on your face as you head down to the tranquil farm of Alphen. Alphen will present your 4th water point of the day along with a light lunch. After refuelling you will head to the Richmond – Middleburg road consisting of gravel district road as well as a gradual downhill until Waterpoint 5 at 111km where you can rest under the surrounding tall trees while enjoying some refreshments. You will then head back to the familiar Rusoord, which will be your final waterpoint of the day before your last stretch to Dwarsvlei Farm making a memorable finish! Remember to take in the views.